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nuts-ml is based on nuts-flow, which provides additional nuts, see nuts-flow overview.

All nutsflow functions can be imported from nutsml as well, e.g. from nutsflow import Collect or from nutsml import Collect both work.

Network wrapping

Data reading

  • ReadLabelDirs : read file paths from label directories.

  • ReadPandas : read data via Pandas from file system.

  • ReadNumpy : load numpy array from file system.

  • ReadImage : load image as numpy array from file system.

Data writing

Data viewing

Data printing (from nuts-flow)

  • Print : print data to console.

  • PrintType : print data type

  • PrintColType : print column data, eg. tuples

  • PrintProgress : print progress on iterable.

Sample processing

  • ConvertLabel : convert between string labels and integer class ids.

  • CheckNaN : raise exception if data contains NaNs.

  • PartitionByCol : partition samples depending on column value.

  • SplitRandom : randomly split iterable into partitions, e.g. training, validation, test.

  • SplitLeaveOneOut : split iterable into leave-one-out train and test sets.

  • Stratify : stratifies samples by down-sampling or up-sampling.

Transforming & Augmenting


  • Boost : boost samples with high confidence for incorrect class.


  • BuildBatch : build batches for GPU-based training.


  • PlotLines : plot lines for selected data columns, e.g. accuracy, loss.